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Making of the gifts

Fuite en Avant is the exhibition about to open on June 4th at the Plastic Club in Philadelphia. Me and my art are honored to be in the company of artists and friends Marnie Gelfman and Rhona Hofmeyr for the month of June. One thing I love is a take-away. This is something for the public to "take away" from the exhibit. Cobalt blue bottles filled with celestial essences are yours for the taking when you stop by to experience Fuite en Avant. While supplies last of course.

These are flower essences (and one very formidable rock) gathered during this Spring's fortuitous and abundant celestial events. Then tuned inside of a Tibetan singing bowl and left to rest in the morning sunlight. And finally bottled for your healing enjoyment. The idea is to capture the energetic signatures of the flowers including their body, mind, and soul healing properties. To gather them during such auspicious, celestial events creates one of a kind elixirs.

Snow Drop

Vernal Equinox

20 March 2022

​Joy • Forgiving • Healing


Vernal Equinox

20 March 2022

Purification • Metamorphoses • Manifestation • Psychic Ability

Cherry Blossom

Eight Planets dancing

25 March 2022

​Enthusiastic joy • New Beginnings • Childlike wonder

Wild Violet

Cosmological lottery ticket in a bottle

12 April 2022, 9:14 am EST

Delight • Sweetness • Tranquility

Lilac Partial Solar Eclipse by the New Moon in Taurus

Foraged & tuned on:

30 April 2022

3:00 pm

Bottled on:

May Day

Bring in the May

1 May 2022. 12:30 pm

Below are some production images and one of the five essence's harmonic tuning reels. After the exhibit finishes, more of these magical healing essences might be available for purchase. Stay tuned.

All the bottles

All the Brandy

All the Droppers and Lilac Mother & Water


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