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About the Work


My paintings have secrets

My secrets have paintings

Speaking in the visual language of the subconscious, I represent the unobserved. My paintings and paperworks are slow, love letters that invite you to stay awhile. 


My work explores the epic moments just before transformation. They are quiet and powerful, pregnant with an explosive stillness that shimmers the change into being. This abundant, quantum soup of entanglement chronicles the tug-of-war between the known and the unknown.

Such ethereal works yearn for a solid foundation. With a nod to the ancestors, the work begins with a formalist approach and includes oils, linen, copper nails and/or handmade paper. Next, conflicting materials and their quarrels elevate my work into the realm of whimsy; a delightful space where nothing is truly opposed.


(Fleurs de Clair 27)

9" x 8" 

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