About the Work

My work explores visualizing the concept of portals and where they repose. I follow curious, slippery connections because I know that what I seek is looking for me. Realize that right here is the path to there.  I like to capture the explosive stillness of epic moments (a quiet, pregnant with possibilities) for noticings across space and time. This quantum soup of entanglement is abundant and chronicles the delightful tug-of-war between us. Such ethereal works yearn for a solid, ancestral, foundation. With a nod to the old Masters, the paintings begin with a mix of oils, linen, copper nails and hand made paper.


     My Defending Surface series began with colliding conflicting materials proving that nothing is truly opposed.  A safe space is created before anything can be made. Dirt-worshipping tree-huggerism is my soul's blood. Can a harmonious system be built from these seemingly, incongruent elements? A deep connection to Mother Earth helps heal the trauma of life interrupted. What does that look like?


     My studio is a hybrid of oil paint on linen and papermaking with installation, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber arts, serving as additional “brushes.”