COmmission a Fleurs

Get the perfect, personal gift ahead of the holidays. Give that Art Lover of yours a Fleurs de Clair painting commissioned especially for them.  Choose from two kinds of paintings:


  1. A mix of cherished traditions begin the paintings with a nod to the old Masters using oils, linen, copper nails and sometimes hand made paper.  Your oil painting(s) will measure 8 x 10".

  2. Inks and watercolors on exquisite, French archival paper measuring 30" x 22".


What to expect:

  • A zoom consult will be scheduled for you to talk about color.

  • Fleur de Clair will be created accordingly.

  • The work will be ready for pick-up or shipment by the end of November 2022. 


Have peace of mind knowing that you are done with the most important gift on your 2022 list.


Now is the time to reserve and commission your Fleurs de Clair painting in time for the December gifting season.