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Pulling Ether

For months now, I have been painting for a collaborative exhibition with two magnificent artists whom I admire very much. As you might know, my work became small in scale due to lockdown during 2020. Last year I created the Fleurs de Clair series which were larger, yet not nearly the size of my work during more normative times. The Fleurs was a huge series of 31 paintings. I needed to transition away from that kind of volume in order to cleanse my artistic soul, while two new bodies of work had been not so patiently waiting to begin.

Creating a large-scale Fleurs de Clair was the natural choice. Would it work? Could something that was so diminutively powerful translate into taking up a more formidable space? Oh yes and with a vengeance. I know you have been wanting more process photos. Alas, this one has been slow and somehow a bit more private. Here comes a clue to an almost final move. This is your warning.

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