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They Have not Told Me Their Name Yet


This painting is the first large Fleurs de Clair. Wasn’t sure if the transition would have the same impact since the originals are so diminutive. When they appeared on the linen, and I first stepped back, I knew there had to be a lot more care and attention. It felt like a demand. You will find a few in-process images throughout this post.

Three more moves to go and they will most likely be complete. Get ready because the bling is real. Mizz Thing (is that their name?) is adamant.

What do I mean by this? This is a WiP blog which in case you were wondering, stands for Work in Progress. Progress is always, not just in the studio. I painted the blings around their lacey perimeters. Walked away. Literally haunted that I had not used some silver oil paints. Fell asleep thinking about it and woke up wondering why I was resisting.

In the studio that day, I embellished with the silver paint. Stepped back and it looked like a cohesion. Something definitely clicked. But not done. A mental itch. What? What’s missing? Finished for the day and I stayed over at a friend’s place. Woke up and the first thing I saw was a tiny package of the ultimate bling on the floor. I picked it up and looked at it. Contemplating anything in this hypnopompic state is sacred and pure creation. So as I turned this wee package around in my hand, the next thought was of this painting hanging on the wall back at my studio. And I said, “No! I cannot do THAT!!” That thought of that sentence has always been a creative fail-safe for me and I have learned to listen.

Spent the next hour researching and learning about origin stories and supply and variations and applications and tools and the somewhat recent decision to deny access to the average person. Just as I found them, they were gone. The company wants to wrestle its product and legacy back from the individual creator. Only high-end houses need apply.

I have given you enough clues to figure out what I am talking about. If not, no worries. I spent about two hours scouring online and found one of the third-party purveyors (now denied the right to purvey them, almost completely out of stock. They have procured an elevated replacement that might even be better. A ridiculous abundance is on its way and should be here within three days. Once complete, all will be revealed. We will either hate it or be mesmerized by the spectacle of it all and I am counting on the latter.

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