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2nd Moon • The Moons of 2021

A painting with the Moon each month as medicine to heal from the year that shall not be named.

Below are all the names of the 2nd Moon that I could find. The Moon unites us.

We all call the Moon by her name.

Snow Moon • Storm Moon • Ice Moon • Budding Moon • Snowdrop Moon • Piaôdagos (Makes Branches Fall In Pieces Moon) • WAPICUUMMILCUM (ICE IN RIVER IS GONE) • Namebini-giizis (SUCKER MOON) • FROST SPARKLING IN THE SUN • Amhanska (Long Dry Moon) • KAGALI (BONY MOON) • BONE MOON (so little food, people gnaw on bones and eat bone marrow soup) • He’konénehesó-eše’he (Little Hard Face Moon) • Positsu mua (sleet moon) • CEPIZUN (OLD MONTH) • MIKICIWPICIM (EAGLE MOON) • WIND Moon • Hlgit’ún Kungáay (Goose moon) • POWAMUYA (Month of Purification and Renewal) • Avunnivik • Atchiulartadsh (out of food) • y'amuuni daawaatra • KAGUAT P'A SAN (LITTLE BUD MOON) • Halanitca • Cannapopa Wi (Moon when the trees crack because of the cold.)

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