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1st Moon • The Moons of 2021

A painting with the Moon each month as medicine to heal from the year that shall not be named.

Below are all the names of the 1st Moon that I could find. The Moon unites us.

We all call the Moon by her name.

🌚 🌙 🌝 Holiday Moon • Wolf Moon • Snow Moon • Hunger Moon • Old Moon • Moon After Yule • Ice Moon • Winter Moon • Stay Home Moon • Thunder Moon • South of the Equator Names • Hay Moon • Buck Moon • Thunder Moon • Mead Moon • Alamikos: Greetings Maker Moon • SQUOCHEE KESOS- SUN: HAS STRENGTH TO THAW • Gichi-manidoo-giizis: GREAT SPIRIT MOON • TIME OF FLYING ANTS • WHEN THE SNOW BLOWS LIKE SPIRITS IN THE WIND • Wicogandu: Center Moon • UNOLVTANA: COLD MOON • nvda kanawoga: COLD MOON MOON OF THE STRONG COLD • Hohtseéše’he: Hoop Moon • Toh mua: year moon • Ukurooma mua: middle moon • GISHEPAPIWATEKIMUMPIZUN: WHEN THE OLD FELLOW SPREADS THE BRUSH • APIHTAPIPUNPICIM OR KICEPICIM: GREAT OR MIDWINTER MOON • LITTLE WINTER • Táan Kungáay: Bear hunting moon • PAAMUYA: Month of Life at it's Height • Avunniviayuk Atalka: stay inside • Nadzi-kisraiti • KAGUAT P'A SAN: LITTLE BUD MOON • Halamrtinya Wiotehika Wi: Hard moon • Tsothohrhko:wa: the big cold • Rv'fo Cusee: Winter's Younger Brother • 10th Moon: Bears • ATSAH-BE-YAZ: SMALL EAGLE • Keche Munedoo keezis: Great Spirit moon • MOON WHEN SNOW DRIFTS INTO TIPIS • Opolahsomuwehs: whirling wind month • Gi'ihothag mashath: the weight loss month (when animals lose their fat) • SNOW THAWS MOON • mkokisis: month of the bear • Ha'kwi kiishthwa: Severe Moon • Goa-mea': freezing moon • sumum muattsi: 1st moon • MOON OF STRONG COLD/FROST IN THE TEEPEE/WOLVES RUN TOGETHER • T’aawak Dís: Goose moon • HER COLD MOON • Kesan Meecha • SALATCPI: FROZEN GROUND • Dayamcho yachunne: MOON WHEN LIMBS OF TREES ARE BROKEN BY SNOW • Hard Time Moon • Dwarf Seal Moon • Airing Cupboard Moon • Birch • Beith • Rowan • Luis • Quite Moon • Rainbow Fish Moon • Cooking Moon • Moon of the Terrible

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