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Cherry Blossom

(Prunus serrulata)

Celestial Event

Foraged, tuned, & bottled on:

25 March 2022

Cherry Blossom Energetic Properties:

Enthusiastic joy • New Beginnings • Childlike wonder

The Moon was up and

the Sun just below the horizon this morning

Gathered a bowlful of Blossoms

just before 9:00 am

drenched in the overnight Rain

under a gathering of planets

clustered into three:


Venus, Mars, Saturn


Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter


Uranus not far and Pluto somewhere nearby


6:18 am EST

All essences were originally created for the Fuite en Avant exhibition in June 2022. 


Please enjoy these blends of healing flowers that were foraged and

harmonically tuned under the stars for your personal well being.

These vibrational flower infusions were made with the sun method using only the flowers and stems

in a bath of clean water, tuned in Tibetan singing bowls and bottled in a brandy, water mix. 

How to use Flower Essences:

Take orally straight from the dropper or mix with tinctures, add to food, or drink.

Use the eye-dropper cap to place four drops under the tongue.

Do not to let the glass dropper touch anything outside of the bottle to avoid contamination. 

You can also use essences in baths, steams, sprays, on chakra points and temples

or a few drops on your pillow at bedtime.


Four drops, four times per day.


*** Please enjoy within three months of purchase ***

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