Snow Drop


Celestial Event

Foraged, tuned, & bottled on the:

Vernal Equinox

20 March 2022

“The Sun enters Aries … With Mercury Conjunct Jupiter let your thoughts wander into hopeful lands, because there is power in this day’s imagining.”

Snow Drop Energetic Properties:

Joy • Forgiving • Healing

All essences were created during fortuitous, celestial events. 

Please accept these blends of healing flowers and the stars for your personal well being.

These vibrational flower infusions were made with the sun method using only the flowers and stems

in a bath of clean water, tuned in Tibetan singing bowls and bottled in a brandy, water mix. 

How to use Flower Essences:

Use essences in baths, steams, sprays, on chakra points, or a few drops on a pillow at bedtime.

Take orally straight from the dropper or mix with tinctures, add to food, or drink.


Four drops, four times per day.


Please use by September 1st, 2022