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8th Moon - The Moons of 2021

A painting with the Moon each month as medicine to heal from the year that shall not be named.

For some reason, August did not yield any ideas for color or subject for its moon painting's 2nd layer. If you have been following the Moons of 2021 work in progress posts, you know the creation cycle begins with the month's New Moon and completes on the Full Moon of the same month. Two days ago (two days before Full Moon) I thought that I was blocked for sure. Until I remembered the Cardinal that had been visiting twice a day for the last week, in a completely urban environment. Three years I have lived a Cardinal-devoid existence here. Cardinal comes with a plethora of symbolism and I listened. As creation was delayed until last night, this layer must dry a bit before the final layers are applied. Stay tuned for a finished image.

Below are all the names of the 7th Moon that I could find. The Moon unites us.

We all call the Moon by her name.

Sturgeon Moon • Dispute Moon • Lynx Moon • Grain Moon • Harvest Moon • Dancing Delight Moon • emezôwas - Cutter Moon • MICHEENEE KESOS - WHEN INDIAN CORN'S EDIBLE • Miini-giizis - BERRY MOON • GEESE SHEDDING THEIR FEATHERS • Capasapsaba - Black Cherries Moon • GALOHNI - END OF THE FRUIT OR DRYING UP MOON • Gallon - FRUIT MOON • O’enenéeše’he - Picking or Harvest Moon • Hémotséeše'he - Rutting Moon • Tahma mua - Summer moon • Ukuiyuba mua - new Fall moon • THE MOON YOUNG DUCKS BEGIN TO FLY - (OPUNHOPIZUN) • STARTS TO FLY MOON - OHPAHOWIPICIM • BIG RIPENING MOON • MUCH HEAT OR BIG RIPENING • K’íit’aas Kungáay - Cedar bark for hat and baskets • PAAMUYA - Month of Joyful • TAALAPAMUYA - Month of Life at it's Height • Krugyuat tingiviat • Akupiu - end of Summer • y'aamuni daawaatra • YELLOW LEAVES MOON - (AIDENGUAK'O P'A) • Halanitca • Moon of the ripening. • Seskehko:wa - time of freshness • Hiyo-rakko - Big Harvest • 6th Moon - Mulberries • BE-NEEN-TA-TSO - BIG HARVEST • Meen keezis - huckleberry moon • YELLOW FLOWER MOON • Apsqe - feather shedding moon • CORN IS IN THE SILK MOON • e'mnomukkises month of the middle • Po'kamawi kiishthwa - Plum Moon • Guuteyai-mea' - hot moon • woosuwim muattsi - 8th moon • MOON WHEN THE GEESE SHED THEIR FEATHERS/CHERRIES TURN BLACK • Sha-ha-yi - Berries ripe on mountain • BLACKBERRY PATCHES MOON • Awohto - Kau Meecha • DOG DAYS - TSENEAGA • Onan u'la'ukwamme • Moon in Hazel - Coll • Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon • Fine Bright Fighting Moon

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