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12th Moon - The Moons of 2021

A painting with the Moon each month as medicine to heal from the year that shall not be named.

This month's naming influence:

Inspired by Usgiyi:

"SNOW MOON (when the first snows fall in the mountains)"

And there goes 2021. A meditation on the nations with a 13th Moon will follow.

I truly hope that by honoring the moons and as many peoples' loving names for her that this

work has somehow made a contribution to helping soothe the vibations of a tumultuous year.

Below are all the names of the 12th Moon that I could find. The Moon unites us.

We all call the Moon by her name.

12th Moon - December • 18 December 2021 • 11:36 p.m. Eastern Time

Cold Moon • Oak Moon, Full Cold Moon • Bitter Moon • Mistletoe Moon • Pebonkas - Winter Maker Moon • PAPSAPQUOHO • Manidoo-gizisoons - SMALL SPIRITS MOON • POPPING TREES • Wicogandu-sungagu - Center Moon's Younger Brother • VSKIHYI - SNOW MOON • Usgiyi - SNOW MOON (when the first snows fall in the mountains) • MOON WHEN THE WOLVES RUN TOGETHER • Sétoveaéneéše’he - Middle Of Winter Moon • Pia utsu?i mua - big cold moon, Wahi mua - evergreen moon • WHEN THE YOUNG FELLOW SPREADS THE BRUSH (PAPIWATIGINASHISPIZUN) • FROZEN OVER MOON - OKASKATANOPICIM • BIG WINTER MOON • BIG WINTER • Gáangálang Kungáay - Ripe berries • KYAAMUYA - Month of Respect • Kaitvitjuitk • Adshampak - not bad weather • Nachuweenu daawaatra • REAL GOOSE MOON - (GANHINA P'A) • Halapisu • Moon when the deer shed their antlers • Tsothohrha - time of cold • Rvfo-rakko - Big Winter • Bears • YAS-NIL-TES - CRUSTED SNOW • Munedoo keezis - spirit moon • Punam - frost fish moon • Washilatha kiishthwa Eccentric Moon • Dommo-mea' - Winter moon • wahattum ma to’engkunna muattsi • MOON OF POPPING TREES/WHEN DEER SHED THEIR HORNS/BUFFALO COW'S FETUS IS GETTING LARGE • Shanáx Dís - Unborn seals are getting hair • BIG BEAR'S MOON • HER WINTER HOUSES MOON • Deciembre - Jesu Cristo Toomtek Meecha • MIDDLE OF WINTER - HOCTADAKYA • Ik'ohbu yachunne - turning moon or the sun has traveled south to his home to rest before he starts back on his journey north • Cold Moon • Moon in Elder - Ruis • Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, Rose Moon • Cushion by Log Fire Moon

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