Vulcan Chess | Series | Images

Vulcan Chess was born out of a need to consider some vast, mystery school teachings. Lofty systems of inquiry that I was drawn to for years, suddenly started to feel connected and there was an urgency to understand their connections.  I could hardly grasp any of these systems alone, how could I possibly mine for any symbiosis between them?


I knew then that I would paint my way through this question.  One day while spinning through overwhelming research, I hit a wall.  “This feels like Vulcan Chess!“  I remembered a Star Trek episode where Spock played chess on a three-tiered chess board. And the title of the series was born.

  • The Fibonacci Sequence is an uncanny series of prime numbers. The next number is found by adding the two previous numbers. The series equates off into infinity and its measured squares create the Golden Spiral.

  • Chakras is a Sanskrit word for the energy centers in your body that correspond to the endocrine glands.

  • Zodiacal Constellations are groupings of stars that named the zodiac signs.

  • Acutonics is a vibrational medicine practice using sound tools that are tuned to the frequencies of the planets as they orbit around the Sun.

  • Planetary Rulers of the zodiac are the lifeblood of astrology.

  • The Medicine Wheel's Four Directions have been used by generations of various Native American nations for health and healing.

  • The Music of the Spheres mythology is an ethereal harmony thought by the Pythagoreans to be produced by celestial vibrations.

A few associations were left out to avoid redundancy. 

The Chakras connect to our bodily glands.

By standing in front of the paintings,

the viewer provides the physical glands that complete the paintings.

All of the colors in this series are associated with elements of these systems.

No aesthetic color choices were made by the artist.