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I am fascinated with conflicting materials (oil painting and papermaking for example). I search to find where they can meet. My explorations have shown that nothing is truly opposed. These agitations sometimes evoke stone and pressed botanical material. I accept accidents along the way and seize the controls back as the painting demands.

It is in these dissonant spaces where portals tend to hide. What is that glimmer of something? That moment before the noticing of something, else. The discovery of a portal. Then the recognition, that preliminary knowing. The excitement of that moment that I am on to something. What does that edge look like? What is the edge of a portal? 

I must structure safe space before I can begin. This haven allows for origin stories and ancient traumas to reveal themselves and alchemize. The subconscious play of familiar archetypes can lead to universal truths.  These deep dives fuel an approach for material play. Creation and the unknown is my work. 


My paintings are slow, love letters that transport us along the lifeline of our desires, through veils of experience and behind our own scenes. Speaking in the visual language of the subconscious, my work invites you to stay awhile.

You will find a hybrid of oil painting and papermaking with installation and printmaking serving as additional “brushes" in my studio practice.  Identifying as a mind’s-eye whisperer, I like to represent unobserved spaces because when we look out instead of in, we cannot “see” and we are so easily distracted. 

With an eye on noticings across space and time, I am in love with the world and weave luminous bundles of amazement out of life’s mysterious fragments, to capture and preserve the explosive stillness of epic moments. You can find me escaping the constraints of the explainable. And it fascinates me to hear that flavors of Hilma af Klint and Francis Bacon are present in my work. This quantum soup of entanglement is abundant and chronicles the tug-of-war between the known and the unknown.


Such ethereal works yearn for a solid, foundation. With a nod to the ancestors, the paintings begin with a mix of oils, linen, copper nails and hand made paper.

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