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Kudos, Praise, & Gratitude

I have many people to thank who got me through (and continue to do so) the last two years.  I was alone and desperate for one voice of reason. Thanks to this glorious Planet, air to breathe, the Sun and its generous light, electricity, various energy waves, the internet, my apartment, food stores, delivery heroes, an above and beyond compassionate landlord, distanced friends, home electronics, YouTube, 

Pascal, Beau, Jesse Dollemore, Jeff some thing, Roland Martin, Tony Dorte, Michael Sealy, Jason Stephenson, Madeline Reinhardt, heal my life the new one, Lilavati, Robin, Mamas Wellness Joint, six Fishes, eviama


I can only hope that when I’m repaired enough that I will be able to give back in A droplet, a scraping, a whiff, a vapor, a veil, a whisper in a way worthy of what I have received.

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