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Interstitium | Series | Images 

Interstitium was recently “discovered” by the Western medicine canon.  This fluid of life apparently exists in, around and between every facet of our bodies.  They have mused that this is now, our largest organ.

The delayed discovery was due to the violent way that allopathic medicine explores the body; with a knife.  Slices of tissue are taken, then smashed onto a slide for observation.  Since the exploratory has evolved to camera usage, images of microscopic containers full of this mysterious fluid suddenly appeared and were finally observed in their undisturbed, natural state.

The initial thought by the medical community was that this fluid was a transportation system, most likely responsible for how quickly cancer metastasizes throughout the body.  First order of research? How to interrupt this transport.


When I asked my Acupuncturist about the discovery, she smiled and said, “We’ve known about this all along.”

I became obsessed with the idea of this hidden fountain of self-healing and it took over my studio as a result.  Three paintings were created simultaneously, yet separately on the floor and walls of my studio.  It was not until I started to hang them together that I discovered they were a triptych of a journey.  Interstitium had become my muse.

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