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In 2009 and after five years of study, I became a certified Acutonics® Sound Healing Practitioner. My work riding the sound current had been part of my studio practice in many ways.

At the end of 2022 I faced the new year realizing that I was nowhere near the healed state that I wanted to be after the recent years of unpleasantness. There was a collective denial of strained normalcy. I asked myself what I needed in that moment and created the inaugural 2023 Celestial Immersion: Luxurious Healings for Self-Care.

          You have been through it!  The last three years have been a challenge.

          Welcome to a luxurious year-long treatment series to replenish your body,

          mind and soul through the healing power of sound. 

I created a complete package to heal and care for every level of one's Being because I have always believed that Healing should be luxurious. (And like the seasons, should be capitalized.) I wanted to celebrate and benefit from the cosmic alignments and seasonal energies flowing to us for an entire year through the Solstices and Equinoxes. And I wanted more. All of my senses were aching for nourishment and delight.

Giftings for Scent, Taste, and Touch came from artisan practitioners whose offerings I enjoy myself. Sound, the 6th and Sight came from me; an original painting inspired by a year of getting to know someone and their signature energy during a year of sound healings on the Solstices and Equinoxes. 


These paintings are named (with permission) for the people in the 2023 Immersion.

I am honored to be in collaboration with three more souls for the 2024 Immersion.

You can experience those paintings here on this page in December 2024.

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