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Passer des Fruits 13

Oil (contains genuine Rhodonite, Turquoise*), inks, Swarovski crystals, hand made paper over linen


9 x 8"


The following excerpt from my MFA written thesis contains two painting titles:


Dark Energy is a hypothetical form of energy that exerts a negative, repulsive pressure, behaving like the opposite of gravity. Dark Energy makes up 72% of the total mass-energy density of the universe.


Dark Energy is not just in outer space.  I realized that I have been keenly sensing its presence on the personal level.  Many long-time friends had unchosen me. I could feel them move away before they left. It was the frequency that alarmed me. I am particularly sensitive to the sheer volume of the people who have left in the last ten years. It seemed exponential.  And when I mention this phenomena to various people who still chose to cluster around me, they gave me clichés and mantras such as “season, reason or a lifetime.”  Then before I knew it, they poofed as well.


I spent time in this space as it emptied. A wound, many wounds were created. A subtractive wound. Because something was taken. What is an additive wound? A wound created by something left behind or forced. Can it be both? What happens to us when a wound is both additive and subtractive? Either seems more than enough harshity to contend with. In the mass exodus described above, a friend moved away and left a space behind by taking themselves away. Access was revoked. When someone harms us, they leave something behind. If they take something for instance, the emotional baggage of a betrayal is left behind along with the empty space of the thing taken.


Are they ever separate? Can a wound be only additive or subtractive? If someone leaves a space behind in their wake, something has been taken. Although the space is a thing left behind. So if the wound is a space, and the space is a thing left behind by the wounding of a leaving, then perhaps the healing can be found in the embracement of the space. The space can be embraced. An inadvertent gift. A remedy. A wound killer.


Passer des Fruits series: I have been collecting titles of meaning since last year. This series is a departure from my usual practice of waiting for the painting, like a baby or beloved pet, to tell me their name. Instead of intuiting shape, then finding a title, I went the other way and let the title’s intent begin the work.


* Healing properties of semi-precious stones


Amazonite | Soothes emotional trauma • Calms the brain and nervous system • Aids in maintaining optimum health • Balances masculine and feminine energies • Helps to see different points of view • Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system • Assists in manifesting universal love • Protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves


Calcite | Nurtures strength of spirit and energy •  Helps skeletal system • Promotes growth in strength and spirit • Activates Chakras • Spiritual stone prepares you to find your purpose • Highly cleansing • Clears out blockages, negative energy and accumulated junk on a spiritual level • Taps into hidden psychic abilities • Sharpens mind while keeping you balanced and serene


Hematite | Strengthens connection with the Earth •  Endows us with courage, endurance and vitality • "Stone for the mind" • Utilises magneticsof our yin-yang energies and balances the meridians  to stablize equilibrium between the ethereal and the physical nervous systems • Dissolves negativity and prevents absorbing negativity of others


Lapis Lazuli | Protection stone • Guards against psychic attacks • Releases stress and quickly brings deep peace • Nourishes  respiratory and nervous systems, cleanses organs • Encourages creativity • Immune system booster, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, inflammation soother • Anti-depressant & sleep aid


Rhodonite | Heals emotional wounds • Shines in promoting unconditional love • Clears your heart of pain • Brings down restrictive barriers • Dismantles negative self-worth


Sedona | Neuro-stimulating red rocks enhance creative thinking 


Tiger's Eye & Burnt Tiger's Eye | Protection and good luck • Gives mental clarity, to resolve problems • Heals psychosomatic illnesses • Evaporates fear and anxiety


Turquoise | Purification stone • Dispels negative energy • Wear to protect from outside influences and pollutants in the atmosphere • Chakra balancing and alignment • Calms mood swings and brings inner calm • Excellent for depression and exhaustion • Prevents panic attacks

Wound Killer

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