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Shaman Queen (Fleurs de Clair 10)

Oil (includes Catlinite and semi-precious Rhodonite*) and ink on handmade, over-beaten, Abaca paper over Linen

12 x 10



We are whole.  We forgot.  We looked over there. Now we are here.


Welcome to the next incarnation of my Imaginary Flowers series: 


Fleurs de Clair 


Inspired by Drag culture, this series of paintings suggests that we are safe to be who we want to be and create ourselves completed.  They include oil paints made from pure, crushed semi-precious stones which gives these diminutive, fine art works another exquisite layer of experience.


The preceding series (Imaginary Flowers) was created during the pandemic shutdown.  After losing access to my studio, the materials were limited to what was available at home:  watercolors, inks, paper etc.  Something amazing began to happen during the making of these works.  The “flowers” had become figural.  I continued making until the supplies ran out, resulting in a series of 128 Imaginary Flower paintings.


And I was not done. The Imaginary Florettes emerged (56 more paintings) from finding a hidden stash of my handmade paper.  And I knew this was the last of it. Tearing the sheets into fours dictated the paintings’ diminutive size of 5” x 4”. And they were transitional. The flow of ink and watercolor allowed them to push and pool their way into existence. Suddenly they would  appear and I was bearing witness to a determination to be seen. The sacred art of Drag came to mind.  


I knew what I had to do. My hand came in to help the Fleurs find their structure.  It was an elegant, yet formidable dance on the brink of existence.  They lived effortlessly between the known and the unknown, and without recklessness. They were safe to create themselves.   


The Fleurs were coming out and they deserved healing tools for their journey and healing should be luxurious. Oil paints made of pure, healing, semi-precious stones (like the old masters used) can be found in each painting. Lapis Lazuli is a protection stone and encourages creativity. Rhodonite  brings down restrictive barriers and dismantles negative self-worth. Tiger Eye protects, brings good luck and evaporates fear and anxiety. Turquoise balances the Chakras and prevents panic attacks. See below for more healing properties of these powerful stones. *


The Fleurs de Clair series before you, evolved from the deep realization that they were never merely imaginary flowers. Rather, emergent personalities

* All Fleurs de Clair paintings have oil paints made of healing, semi-precious stones


Calcite | Nurtures strength of spirit and energy •  Helps skeletal system • Promotes growth in strength and spirit • Activates Chakras • Spiritual stone prepares you to find your purpose • Highly cleansing • Clears out blockages, negative energy and accumulated junk on a spiritual level • Taps into hidden psychic abilities • Sharpens mind while keeping you balanced and serene


Lapis Lazuli | Protection stone • Guards against psychic attacks • Releases stress and quickly brings deep peace • Nourishes  respiratory and nervous systems, cleanses organs • Encourages creativity • Immune system booster, purifies blood, lowers blood pressure, inflammation soother • Anti-depressant & sleep aid


Rhodonite | Heals emotional wounds • Shines in promoting unconditional love • Clears your heart of pain • Brings down restrictive barriers • Dismantles negative self-worth


Tiger Eye | Protection and good luck • Gives mental clarity, to resolve problems • Heals psychosomatic illnesses • Evaporates fear and anxiety


Turquoise | Purification stone • Dispels negative energy • Wear to protect from outside influences and pollutants in the atmosphere • Chakra balancing and alignment • Calms mood swings and brings inner calm • Excellent for depression and exhaustion • Prevents panic attacks

Shaman Queen (Fleurs de Clair 10)

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