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There is a reason Isolation to Revolution / Rebirth to Dissent is our very first exhibition after “the shutdown” and it is because this show is about reflection. It is about the artists. From their eyes to yours.

With Isolation to Revolution / Rebirth to Dissent, Pen + Brush brings together the work of seven artists to offer a range of perspectives without overlay. These featured artists, Paola Martínez FiterreLola FlashDeborah JackSloan Leo, Michela MartelloFelicita Felli Maynard, and Dori Miller share the embodiment of one crucial element in their work(s): thoughtful reverberation of this moment in time. This way of working is not new nor novel for any of these artists and works shown here are evident of an artist looking critically, vulnerably, and carefully at the world around them.

We spoke to them about their practice during this time and what it meant to their work(s). By and large, it was about change, hope, and memory. Works presented here are personal. They embody the pain of a memory, a stereotype, a hope for change that has yet to come. But what is also present is a look, a consideration, and therefore, a hope for the future. This quiet optimism combined with the loudness of yet unheard truths makes Pen + Brush proud to present Isolation to Revolution / Rebirth to Dissent.

Pen + Brush

29 East 22nd Street


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